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Parking Guru has been a technological leader in parking management and parking control in Scandinavia since 2009. Our state of the art solution is well proven.






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Parking Enforcement


The Guru Control & Enforcement is a state of the art management tool for parking attendants in their daily operations. In addition to issuing parking fines and violations, features like ANPR based search and query numerous electronic payment providers, company internal messaging, tracking, logging, valve and time tracking, discrepancy reporting with photographic documentation.





 Electronic Parking Management


Use our flexible solutions for parking management to handle residential, commercial, retail & leisure parking. Grant access to your clients and partners to manager their own fleet, or to allow individuals to manager their own cars.





Appeal Handling


Our online solution for appeals on parking fines and violations makes processing of cases fast and easy.


Predefinedtexts and templates make the response swift, easy and perfect - every time. All necessary information is available for the executive officer to make the right decision, like mapvisualization, photo documentation,detailed documentation of all information the enforcement officer has provided and full audit trail.





ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition


Our fast, accurate, modular and scalable ANPR solution suits any modern parking facility. With or without both barriers and parking machines. Connected to our electronic parking management solution or major parking payment providers, you easily tailor the perfect solution for your needs.


The system can handle among others:

        -  Numerous parking payment providers.

        -  Residential parking.

        -  Commercial parking.

        -  Retail and leisure parking with parking machines, time limited free parking or in-store solutions.





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